A Mysterious Woman In Black Walked Over 800 Miles In 3 Weeks. For No Reason.

Elizabeth Poles, or the “Mysterious Woman in Black,” walked over 800 miles across American highways and no one seems to know exactly why. Countless people online have claimed to have seen the Woman in Black, but her goals remain unclear.

Dressed in a black robe, Poles, who is a disabled veteran, wandered for a minimum of three weeks before reaching her destination, Winchester, Virginia.

While Poles’ plan was to travel alone, she was often met by unwanted, momentary companions. These people were interested in taking her picture, asking why she was on this journey, or simply observing the Mysterious Woman in Black they had heard so much about. At one point in her journey, she drew a crowd so big, cops were called to the area.


What’s perhaps the most interesting thing about Poles’ voyage is that she was completely uninterested in the attention she was receiving. Those who did inquire about her trip were met with pleas to respect her privacy. The “Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black?” Facebook page that tracked her travels since July 18th also asked its 75,000 followers to leave Poles alone, per her request.

We may never know why Poles made her journey, but one thing is for certain: that is quite the impressive trek. If she walked only 800 miles in as many as 21 days, that’s over 38 miles a day.

(via ABC, ABC-Chicago)

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