AIB : Congress vs BJP

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General political elections are a year away, politics is on everybody's mind. Other than the degree of Indian political discussion is something that would certainly make Gandhiji kip down his tomb. Right here's an example.

AIB 365 is a regular sketch program from India's edgiest, politically incorrect funny cumulative AIB.

AIB includes Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya.

Guest starring: Varun Thakur, Kartik Krishnan, Aadar Malik, Shivankit Pariyar, Jaishankar Tripathi, Rahul Arora, Kumar Devanshu & Karunesh Talwar.

Director: Sameer Ghauri
Composed by: AIB
Cinematographer: Siddhartha Jatla
Editor: Shashwata Datta
Online Editors: Rishabh Malhotra & Nitesh Rachha
Assistant Director: Shruti Naik
Line Manufacturer: Pratik Mehta
Live Noise: Rinku Pathak
Logo design Product packaging: Mayur Sharma
Production Assistant: Nitesh Goel
Make up: Shrutika Rao
Spotboy: Mayur
Lights: Peter David

In organization with NH7 ()!

43 Comments on "AIB : Congress vs BJP"

  1. 1 thing noticed:
    BJP supporter’s height is higher than Congress supporter’s.
    and this balance was maintained even with the astronauts 😛
    Great work!

  2. “saala fetus” what can be funnier than this..lmao

  3. I really liked the thing depicted here. We argue and blame politicians but
    we ourselves don’t do our duties properly.

  4. “chalna leaf khana”
    “aaj upvas h”

    LMAO…m dead??

  5. mummy mummy mujhe PM banna hai 😀 LO L

  6. Kuldeep Bansiwal | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    main development karaunga lekin kisi ko nahi bataunga ki kaisa karaunga.
    LOL ??

  7. one thing for sure they r telling truth in funny way bt its upto audiance
    what they get

  8. Republicans vs democrats debates hehe

  9. Development karega Lakin kaise karega nahi bathaega. Epic! Lol

  10. Corruption is irrelevant of party. Jo power me aya wo corruption kia.

  11. Tab bhi desh ki laga rakhi thi ab bhi laga rakhi. Woh politician hai sahab,
    woh sabki laga deta hai.

  12. Anish kumar chaudhary | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    tumhari gandia phad denge bhosadike AIB
    jo BJP aur shri namo ke bare me kuchh v bola to
    Aur sale naam kaisa rakhe ho
    achha ye insulting comedy hai
    Abey saale tumhare baap honge backchod

  13. nice one..something missing.

    Arvind Kejrival ??????

  14. “Chal jaana leaf khaana” “Aaj upvas he” ??

  15. Patient with his intestines opens wakes up and
    De thappad… De thappad…
    Tu chutiya hai aur tu…. Tu bhi chutiya hai ?????

  16. Very True..!!

  17. One of the best videos by AIB

  18. आई एम् नॉट यूसिंग अंग्रेजी फॉन्ट बिकॉज़ आई लव हिंदी…..?

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