Amber Heard’s Ex Says She’s Totally Pregnant With Johnny Depp’s Baby

That story and more in today’s gossip roundup!

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Amber Heard’s ex-boyfriend told In Touch that she is not only engaged to Johnny Depp, but with child: “She’s pregnant already! I saw her three weeks ago. Amber and I dated years ago but we are still close.”

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Joe Jonas talked some crap about Justin Bieber to Scene magazine:

I’ve had an easier route than most. The youngsters just turning 20, the Biebers of the world, are under a microscope. [Bieber] is having a very tough time finding balance. I think we all saw it coming. Your dad is your party animal – that’s going to sum it up pretty quick. There’s an equation for some sort of explosion.


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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will play sisters in an upcoming comedy called The Nest.

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Drake announced today that he’ll host the ESPY Awards.

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Food Network

Joey Fatone will host a new Food Network competition show called REWRAPPED and Marc Summers will be one of the judges.

Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, and Tavi Gevinson will star in This Is Our Youth on Broadway starting in August.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you should listen to Kanye West rapping about wanting to dip Kim Kardashian’s ass in gold on a new Future track.

Mickey Rooney’s funeral is delayed because of family fighting.

Hugh Hefner wrote advice to his former self for his 88th birthday.

Taylor Swift’s parents are controlling, making her business team upset.

True Detective’s Lili Simmons models swimwear for DuJour.

Kiernan Shipka models for Vanity Fair, looks much older than 14.

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are making another Karate Kid movie?

The WWE’s Ultimate Warrior passed away yesterday.

Melissa Joan Hart shared a bikini photo on Instagram.

Stacy Kiebler is expecting a baby girl.

Bethenny Frankel, homewrecker?

Amanda Bynes: not schizophrenic.

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