App Tracks Your Embarrassingly Drunk Nights By Recovering Snapchats

Chances are good that you have at least one friend who’s impossible to handle while drunk.

He or she disappears suddenly, calls an ex, charges outrageous taxi fares and makes your night an endless game of “Where’s Waldo?”

A team of Millenials hopes to end the confusion caused by too many tequila shots by introducing Drunk Mode, a multipurpose mobile app that blocks drunk dials, tracks your location throughout the night and keeps tabs on your friends for anywhere between three and 12 hours.

Drunk Mode is the pet project of former University of Virginia student Joshua Anton, 23, who hopes to fund the service through an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign designed to streamline the service and rid it of bugs.

The app, which reportedly has around 180,000 users, even lets the very hungover review the steps they took the night before through a service called Breadcrumbs.

By February of 2015, Drunk Mode hopes to expand even further, offering links to taxis and car services nearby.

Users will also be able to record and review Snapchats sent drunkenly throughout the night, as well as gauge the party scene.

Drunk Mode, your new best friend for both iOS and Android, will let users know the girl-to-guy ratio in any party, presumably based on users who’ve already checked in, and whether the party’s worth attending.

And Drunk Mode’s team isn’t just reaching out online, either.

It’s using a grassroots campus representative system to spread the gospel of drunken safety at schools like the University of Colorado and the University of Alabama.

Anton told the Huffington Post,

Students will party. This will not change.

It is the nature of being young in college to want to be a bit ‘rebellious’ and do crazy stuff. All we are trying to do is create an easy button for certain questions.

No more 3 am mystery charges to your card; no more lost friends. Would you Drunk Mode?








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