Breaking: Four- to five-alarm fire rages at Houston hotel; multiple injuries reported [pics]; Update: Four firefighters killed!/stephaniesmyth/status/340529872369758209

Firefighters are currently battling a huge fire at a hotel in Houston.!/DFWscanner/status/340527940649508865

The fire may have started in the hotel restaurant:!/KPRCLocal2/status/340526516641357824

More frightening reports and footage, including news of trapped and injured firefighters:!/nancy_guillen2/status/340526289855320065

Breaking: Four- To Five-alarm Fire Rages At Houston Hotel; Multiple Injuries Reported [pics]; Update: Four Firefighters killed!/HerniseyJohn/status/340530639520555008!/telesara/status/340527762739720192!/BradTatum/status/340531709596545024

Our thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters and everyone affected.!/boothe_cindy/status/340533284150853632

We will continue to monitor this situation and update with developments.



KHOU’s Doug Miller reports that so far, four firefighters have sustained injuries. Two of the firefighters are currently in critical condition:!/DougMillerKHOU/status/340537318387617792

All four have reportedly been taken to hospitals:!/HoustonChron/status/340537732185083904



KHOU’s Miller has amended his initial report of two firefighters being critically injured to four:!/DougMillerKHOU/status/340538140458639360



The Houston Chronicle is reporting that six firefighters were injured:!/MelissAguilar/status/340559467198443520

And that the fire broke out at a restaurant adjacent to the hotel.



Heartbreaking news:!/alertpage/status/340578686153678849

God bless those brave firefighters. May they rest in peace.!/Tlynn96/status/340579024164237312


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