BREAKING NEWS: Legendary and Beloved Musician Prince Dead At Age of 57

In Chanhassen, Minnesota, legendary musical artist Prince was found dead just before 10:00am this morning. Police arrived at the Paisley Park estate of Prince Rogers Nelson for a medical emergency. There they verified that there was a fatality, and Princes relatives were then informed. Prince was 57 years old.

At this time the cause of death is not known and still under investigation. But it was only last week that Prince was flying from Atlanta back to his home, when they had to make an emergency landing where he was then taken to the hospital. Apparently, according to a rep, he had the flu. So far the conditions of his health during the landing and his death have yet to be connected.

“Prince left his imprint on so many aspects of popular culture from movies to sports to politics. As the Minnesota Vikings prepped to take on the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 NFC championship game, Prince wrote a fight song, “Purple and Gold,” to inspire his home team. The Vikings lost. He was the halftime performer at the Super Bowl in 2007.” (CNN)

RIP Prince, you will be dearly missed. BREAKING NEWS: Legendary And Beloved Musician Prince Dead At Age Of 57

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