First World problems: Heartache and ‘crying’ as gold iPhone 5s sells out!/errygrade/status/381012787524141056

We’ll let our commenters be the judge of that.

The Apple faithful take their iPhones very seriously.!/biafranqueen/status/381011911782834176

Shoppers lined up hours in advance to get their hands on spankin’ new iPhones today. But the sought-after gold iPhone 5s is in short supply and the shipping date has already been pushed back to October.!/Aurmont/status/381016245891375104!/alabster/status/381015710648238080!/mhp/status/380987167155421184


Not to rub it in, but …!/i_bad_apple/status/381033700353253377!/gaberivera7/status/381010016930496513

A glimmer of hope?!/recon001/status/381037171299213313

Twitchy, bringing you breaking news you can depend on:!/UMAD/status/381005970312163328

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