Hilarious: Will this be MSNBC’s Benghazi hearing coverage tonight? [video]


Zing! Iowahawk comes in with the win once again. Best odds for such a scene? MSNBC.

Thusfar @msnbc‘s coverage of #benghazi has been just positively outstanding!

— DepressiveBlogger69 (@AceofSpadesHQ) May 8, 2013

CNN CommercialCNNHL Jody AriasMSNBC CommercialFNC #BenghaziCSPAN3 #BenghaziHearing also streaming live at FTRRadio.com

— Tom Reynolds (@Beregond) May 8, 2013

@talkmaster @cnn and @msnbc are court TV today. No way they want anything covered on #benghazi

— Tracy Cooper (@coopertracy) May 8, 2013

CNN eventually forced itself into providing some coverage.

RT @tobincommentary: CNN now showing Benghazi hearing along with Fox. MSNBC hasn’t gotten to it yet.

— Commentary Magazine (@Commentary) May 8, 2013

.@msnbc still avoiding #Benghazi hearing. @cnn turning to it now, @foxnews has been covering from opening gavel.

— Ken Shepherd (@KenShepherd) May 8, 2013

Sort of.

CNN finally started covering Beng. Hearing….then as Mr. Hicks started mentioning the WH….. CNN all of a sudden went to Wolf Blitzer.

— Cindy Kennedy (@CIndyStarbuck) May 8, 2013

@cnn @wolfblitzer @cnnbrk Wolf, the REAL breaking news is Benghazi hearing. Your viewers want to know why CNN refuses to broadcast it !!

— I Connect The Dots (@mindlessmumble) May 8, 2013

MSNBC=Must Stop National Benghazi CoverageRidiculous how fox is the only one covering this!!

— pelchatsw (@gomoot) May 8, 2013

I commend @msnbc @cnn @washingtonpost @nbcnews For a tremendously good job of protecting @barackobama & @hrclinton by ignoring #Benghazi

— Gadsden (@GadsdenRattlers) May 8, 2013

Will Iowahawk’s hilarious prediction come true? Stay tuned.


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