Mac And Cheese Dumplings May Be The Best Food Combination Yet (Photos)

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Food Beast

Looking to get creative in the kitchen? Are grilled cheese cronuts not enough to satisfy your cravings?

If so, you need therapy.

Too extreme? Another option would be to get in the kitchen and craft mac and cheese dumplings because they finally exist.

It’s all thanks to the guys over at Foodbeast who decided to offer the world something it’s been missing for an unacceptable amount of time.

The best part? They’re so easy to make that it’s kind of impossible to screw up the recipe. You have to not love yourself to fail at this one.

First, you need to go out and grab dumpling wrappers. Make sure they’re not for wontons.


Next, prepare your macaroni and cheese just how you like it.


You can make it from scratch like a boss or you can settle for a box of the instant stuff at the supermarket — the choice is yours.


Make an egg wash and put some of the mixture on one side of the dumpling wrapper. Fill with the noddles, and mend both adjacent edges of the dumpling wrapper together.


Boom, there you have it — mac and cheese dumplings.


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