Maggie Thatcher Deems It Okay To Die Now That Meryl Streep Has Played Her: Real World Roundup

Ray J's new single “I Hit it First” announces that, in case we didn't know, he had Kim before Kanye did. Wait, Kim K is a slut? Hadn't heard. With lyrics like “i had her head going north and her ass going south/but now baby chose to go West,” this is a song that takes talking shit to a whole new level. Ray J is clearly just pissed he was Kim's #89 Back Burner Bro. Sorry Ray, but you should've known you never had a real chance unless you changed your name to Kay J. Read article>>

Teen Mom Farrah has a sex tape. This bat shit crazy betch should seriously write a book on how not to be the UGH. Betch has the world's biggest party foul and somehow still manages to get blackout and do crazy shit every fucking day. I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom! Read article>>

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher is dead. Regardless of the fact that her hair was disgusting and she wore a pantsuit every day, Maggie was a betch who got shit done and controlled the entire fucking UK for longer than anyone else. Even her nickname “The Iron Lady” just made her seem like she got whatever the fuck she wanted. And we can't really blame her for the hair, it was probably just full of state secrets. Read article>>

Facebook Home will let facebook take over android phones' operating systems. First of all, why does everyone even think this is a big deal? News fucking flash facebook: NO ONE HAS AN ANDROID PHONE. This better not make it to iphones anytime soon though because there is nothing I need less than seeing my middle school arch nemesis' sorority pics and every nicegirl I've ever met's status updates on my lock screen. Read article>>

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