New Politics – Harlem (Official Video)

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I invest my cash on the routine miracles
Similar to you, like me, like everyone else.
Up on the sun, lookin' sad and lovely
Just like you, like me, like everyone else.

( When it gets loud, I turn it up).
Shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem.
( When it's too hot, I light it up).
Ooh, light it up, yeah, smoke em if you got 'em.

53 Comments on "New Politics – Harlem (Official Video)"

  1. He looks like dave franco and Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys

  2. I am addicted to this song for some it !

  3. danish twenty one pilots :D

  4. I got mugged in Harlem once!

  5. The band puts on one helluva concert! Saw these guys in oct at rialto
    theater here in tucson totally worth seeing live!!

  6. I heard this song on NHL 14

  7. the girl in this video is so hot

  8. A black girl in Harlem would have made more sense

    • Actually Harlem is getting more white by the day. It’s starting to become
      hipster central down there.

    • Quentin Raffensperger | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      I heard Brooklyn is like that… speaking of Brooklyn apparently these guys
      reside in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

    • +Kael M Dat be cuz all da BLMers our “movin’ on up” while evil whitey be
      gettin’ kicked to the ghetto. It’s a Diff’rent World then where I comes
      from and Diff’rent Strokes and ALL THAT.Yo yo yo y’all Whats Happenin? Goot
      times….dats rite.

  9. NHL 14 :)

  10. BabyDollsBoomBox | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Im the Dancer in the black and white striped blazer and the gold Barrett
    hat 🙂 it was awesome dancing for this video !

  11. dur

  12. It’s weird because this song came on when I was driving past half of these

  13. I didn’t know they were Danish, I thought they were from new york

  14. David Boyd is a gorgeous human being.

  15. I love this song, why did I not hear of it before? kinda reminds me of
    older punk rock, this needs to be more popular. come back punk rock we need
    ya. ???✌?✊✊?

  16. so i was on iheartradio and this song played while listening to twenty one
    pilots radio I think i found a new band to obsessive over!!!

  17. Anybody else here from NHL 14?

  18. Is the singer in this song the guy from American Authors? Because they look
    the same

  19. david reminds me of the franco bros so much. its the smile tbh.

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