No more big stick cozying for Joe Biden; he’s being left out of campaign meetings!/VestDennis/status/198466088533630977

Poor Uncle Joe, no longer being privy to private meetings with President Obama and his big stick. He totally got shafted.

Biden is evidently not a ‘trusted confidant.’ You don’t say?!

He kept telling inappropriate knock-knock jokes —-> @JoeBiden Left Out of Top Campaign Meetings #tcot

— Kimberly C (@conkc2) May 4, 2012

@weaselzippers When @VP Biden is left out of campaign meetings, I hear they give him a coloring book & a juice box so he doesn't get upset.

— Starz and Strypz (@StarzandStrypz) May 4, 2012

Biden LEFT OUT of campaign meetings. Nothing sinister, here. Joe just couldn't tear himself away from reruns of MATLOCK!

— Alpha Trivette (@alphatrivette) May 4, 2012

Breaking News: Obama Administration makes first intelligent decision. BIDEN LEFT OUT OF TOP CAMPAIGN MEETINGS…

— Joe Caruso (@JoeCaruso) May 4, 2012

It’s a dark, dark day. Or is it? If he’s left out of strategy meetings then he’ll totally just spew whatever nonsense comes into his head, all willy-nilly. He’ll have even less of a clue than usual! Oh, my. Christmas has come early.

Of course, this is fueling speculation that Biden will not be on the ticket come November.

Biden Left Out of Top Campaign Meetings Who will be Obama's running mate? It will not likely be Biden. Hillary? Kerry?

— Royce Ogle (@RoyceDean) May 4, 2012

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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