Panetta and Dempsey on Benghazi: We didn’t tell Obama or Hillary nuttin’!/stephenfhayes/status/299573726834487296

Unreal. During Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, she claimed that the cables asking for security at the consulate, and warning of danger, “never came to her attention.” Today, both chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta denied telling Secretary of State Clinton or President Obama about the threat warnings. And more.

Dempsey ‘surprised’ that Sec Clinton would not have known about Stephens cable re: Benghazi

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) February 7, 2013

!!! RT @domeniconbc: Of Sec. Clinton not knowing about Benghazi cable: Dempsey: “I would call myself surprised that she didn’t”

— Matt Mackowiak (@MattMackowiak) February 7, 2013

“Surprised” is one way to put it. Dempsey claims he didn’t bring the cable to her attention, but he’s “surprised” she wouldn’t have known about it.

Dempsey says he never brought Amb. Stevens’ cable to Clinton’s attention. Both say did not mention to POTUS. #Benghazi

— John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT) February 7, 2013

RT @freebeacon VIDEO: Dempsey ‘Surprised’ Clinton Didn’t Know of Benghazi Cable

— Traditional American (@RightWingAngel) February 7, 2013

But Dempsey says the cable was the to State Dept. Interesting that the cable got to Dempsey, but not Clinton

— Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoNBC) February 7, 2013


And there was more utter incompetence. Senator Kelly Ayotte fought like a girl for more answers.

Thank you, Sen. Ayotte, for focusing on #Benghazi and Amb. Stevens at Panetta/Dempsey hearing!Love her!

— RepubliKim (@RepubliKim) February 7, 2013

Sen Ayotte is making Panetta and Dempsey quite uncomfortable.

— Harry Wuest (@Taxfree1031) February 7, 2013

Even members of the media praised her probing questions.

Good line of questioning from Sen. Ayotte. Both Dempsey, Panetta say they didn’t bring security request to Clinton or Obama’s attention

— Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoNBC) February 7, 2013

Ayotte working her background as an AG pressing for answers during #benghazi hearing

— Rebekah Metzler (@rebekahmetzler) February 7, 2013

Kelly Ayotte asking excellent questions at hearing abt why armed assets weren’t on alert on 9/11 in middle east/north africa

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) February 7, 2013

Her questions, as well as some asked by Senator Graham, cut right to the chase. And the answers were beyond disturbing.

Ayotte: Did you have further communications with Prez or WH that night?Panetta: No & didn’t talk with anyone else at WH that night.

— Diana West (@diana_west_) February 7, 2013

Ayotte presses Panetta & Dempsey on why he didn’t tell Clinton about Gen. Ham’s threat warnings. #Benghazi

— John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT) February 7, 2013

Ayoute: did he ever ask what was going on? Panetta: No.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) February 7, 2013

CBS:Breaking News: Panetta says he spoke to Pres. Obama at beginning of night, but not again during attacks.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) February 7, 2013

Ayoute: did you have further communications with (pres. obama) that night? Panetta: no.

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) February 7, 2013

The President spoke to Panetta and Dempsey one time on 9/11 as attack on Benghazi was going on.

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) February 7, 2013

Sen. Graham: Was any DOD asset ever deployed to help these people before the attack was over?Pannetta:After hemming and hawing….”No.’

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) February 7, 2013

Sen. Graham:Are you surprised the president never called to say how it’s going?Panetta doesn’t answer directly.

— kirsten powers (@kirstenpowers10) February 7, 2013

Wow. Hey, he didn’t want to break his sleep flow, man. Appalling.

Wow!! Sen Ayotte is exposing a lot of incompetence. #Benghazi

— Tom Peters (@pilottommy) February 7, 2013

That she did, and the incompetence is dangerous.

Panetta to Sen. Ayotte (R-NH) on #Benghazi: The biggest problem senator is that no one really knew what was going on that night.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) February 7, 2013

No one knew what was going on. It is their job to know. Just a little bump in the road, though, huh?

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake RT: @sharylattkisson: Panetta: I did not speak to Pres. Obama or Secy Clinton throughout the Benghazi attacks.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) February 7, 2013

@kellyayotte Excellent questions, Senator Ayotte, thank you, and you’re on the right track. Where WAS Obama? @grahamblog #BenghaziGate

— Kristy Lonestar (@luchadora41) February 7, 2013

He was voting present.


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