Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition

Texas Tech's brand-new trainee political organization PoliTech visits university to see how much our pupils understand about their nation's politics! You might be amazed.

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  1. Field Marshal Fry | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply


    • +Field Marshal Fry the Soviets would have fallen if America hadn’t assisted
      the Western European countries in an assault against France to distract the
      nazis, letting Russia to break through the eastern front lines leading to
      nazis down fall. So, eddrum100 is right.

    • Lol really that’s all? Um here I can try it won’t be as scarring and tear
      jerking but um ♫ crumpet!!!! crumpet!!!! tea time, tea time!!! Let’s play
      some soccer (not football) and not get our teeth fixed!!! God Save The
      Queen!!! la la la la ♫ Dude I will cut in front you, while you’re in a
      queue just so I can spit in your face just so your late for tea time and
      once you get to team time I’ll ironically be your barista and not boil the
      water before I give you your tea, then ask if you want ice in your tea.
      Yes, I am your nightmare my dear dear poor Tommy Redcoat.

    • Field Marshal Fry | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      +Pear Zord translation: blah, blah, blah, MURICA, MURICA, MURICA! MAH GUNS!

    • I’m not the one that’s miserable. I’m not the one talking about treachery
      when it was a collective agreement to have a better trade system for after
      the war, and the fact that united we defeated the Axis, not Britain itself.
      So you can piss off, you act like you’re a victim of something never
      happened in your lifetime. Get over it, it happened, it’s done, MOVE ON.

    • Field Marshal Fry | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      +Pear Zord
      piss off ya miserable Yank

  2. I knew all of the answers and I’m from Slovenia, FFS!

    • I honestly believe people from other countries know much more about
      American than most Americans

    • +Dawn Rebekah
      Good point. Kids are expected to know American History by the time they get
      to college. There are bad teachers, teachers that know the subject but
      can’t make it interesting enough to learn, & some good teachers. But it’s
      too hard to fire a bad teacher. And some religious parents only care if
      their kid can pray in school or bring a bible.

    • +Paigey I disagree. I think most Americans over 40 know this info. In fact,
      I went around quizzing all my friends, aged 40 to 75, and they knew every
      single answer and quickly, too. These college students were educated in our
      public high schools that are failing miserably. Since I have a daughter in
      the public schools, I know how poor the education is that she’s getting.
      She’ll graduate soon and couldn’t answer any of the questions.

    • +Paigey I agree

  3. Gilbert Beilschmidt | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    As a history major I have a strong urge now to go out and buy some rope.

  4. I’m not American and I could answer all of those question with details

  5. to make myself feel better, I am going to assume that there were a whole
    lot of people who could answer these questions correctly, but were left out
    and the people in the video are actually a small minority.

    • +vampader Trust me, this isn’t an anomaly, as there is a SERIOUS
      “dumbing-down” of America, and it’s been going on for some time now.

      Think about it, these are UNIVERSITY students, not some 8th graders from
      Anywhere, USA, and to not know who the US gained their independence from??
      Really??? Or to not know who won America’s Civil War?? (There was a
      separate segment where a professionally-dressed Philadelphian was asked who
      our President was after WW2? She said GEORGE WASHINGTON. George friggin’
      Washington?!? My jaw dropped when I saw/heard that.)

      These are THE most basic, easiest history questions/answers that I learned
      as a HIGH SCHOOL student. It’s tough to say what emotion I feel most
      watching these dolts: being incredulous or embarrassed (as an American).

    • That’s what I always try to assume when I watch these kinds of videos…

    • +Meseret Ocbazgi With all the geo-political examples you mention, take a
      wild guess who of the dolts (in the video) would be able to elaborate on
      ANY of the aforementioned you posted?? Z-E-R-O.

      There’s a well-known saying: *Prosperity breeds complacency* (and laziness,
      essentially), and what’s most insulting is our so-called “teachers” are the
      ones allowing this to take place. It’s unforgivable.

    • +Meseret Ocbazgi I’m sure you are an intelligent kid (and I was of the
      understanding that TT was a well-respected university), but what pisses me
      off is that so-called primary school “teachers” are allowing throngs of
      American kids to GRADUATE w/o (VERY) basic knowledge of history?! They
      should be fired!

      For one quarter (in the 8th grade), we had to learn all the 50 state
      capitals, and where each state was located on a map. After seeing this, I
      bet those same “students” wouldn’t know where half the states are located.

  6. darkservantofheaven | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    this makes my head hurt……..if this was on nickeloden, each one of them
    wouldve been humilated in public with a pie in the face (minis that one
    girl, shed get 50$)

  7. Please tell me that those who were asked the questions were re-educated.

  8. doesn’t prove anything. Stupid fucking politics

  9. For my own sanity i refuse to believe that these people are anything other
    then payed actors

  10. I miss Jersey shore. Such an intellectual show and a beautiful reflection
    of modern western culture.

    • Field Marshal Fry | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      +FRIED CHICKEN that we’re all fucked and should just nuke ourselves here
      and now to save everyone else the trouble?

    • +Field Marshal Fry Unfoetunately yes.

    • TheUnluckyNumberSeven | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      +FRIED CHICKEN feels the BERN! Not all of us are THIS stupid. While a lot
      of us are stupid, you can’t deny that there are idiots in the countries in
      Europe and Asia as well. We’re not all brainwashed by the “movements” that
      happen in our sad excuses for colleges.

      No, but seriously, why do the higher-ups at universities listen to this
      stuff? People are rioting because some wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on the
      ground on campus. Just wash it the hell off! A person’s name shouldn’t
      trigger anyone unless their name is “Kyle Yoor Celf [Kill yourself]” and
      even then rioting is stupid as hell. (Really, look up Emery on Google. I’m
      not kidding.)

    • JessePinkmans “Blue” Yummies | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Welcome to America, please leave your brain at the door!

  11. Ask the next ten people you meet what they think. Eight or nine of them
    will answer, “I try not to”. Why?

    Because people haven’t been taught how to discuss ANYTHING (except the
    weather and sports) without arguing. They’ve been taught not to
    argue–which is good–but when that translates into not thinking it means
    that we will soon be (if we’re not already) a nation incapable of solving
    problems. If you get a college degree in math and don’t know how to
    translate that ability into solving real-world problems, it might help you
    to have the college degree on a resume but it won’t help you with life.

  12. Read any article about “People with high intellect”. Nearly every single
    one has said “Did you know! The people with the highest IQ’s are mostly

  13. WHO the hell is brad pitt?

  14. hey everybody! bleach is now on sale at your local retailer!

  15. Even the girl who correctly answered the Civil War question didn’t seem
    sure! These are really the dumbasses you admit, Texas Tech!?

  16. Carl Millholland | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    I just asked my 14 yo daughter these questions, and she answered each
    correctly immediately. Maybe this says more about education in Texas than
    the whole country.

    • I think it may be you just raised your kids correctly

    • +amarette vaster Do yourself a big favor – Google Texas Educational
      Ranking. You will see that your students are either the worst or next to
      the worst in every ranking. Your primary and high school educational
      ranking, your college ranking…sucks. As a matter of fact, I know
      precisely what Common Core is. I know precisely what your current and
      former governors, and their record on sabotaging education and teacher
      efforts in Texas. Finally, thanks to the digitization of education, America
      is breaking the grip of evangelicals on textbook content. The calculated
      efforts to suppress facts like evolution and climate change are just the
      most prominent examples of a defective approach to the inspiration of
      children to follow the careers that this nation needs. Texas has some great
      institutions – MD Anderson, Memorial Herman Hospital, Baylor College of
      Medicine, Texas Instruments, among others. But when one looks at the
      poverty of Texas schools, one realizes that these world class institutions
      must depend increasingly upon imported experts from northern and
      international education systems. Because your educational systems, like
      your politicians, suck. Until the citizens rise up and elect politicians
      prepared to spend the money to attract the best teachers and get rid of
      your crazy evangelical Christian blinders, you will continue to wallow at
      the bottom of every national and most global education rankings.

  17. It’s like our first president Benjamin Franklin said: “A mind is a terrible
    thing to not use very much.” And that’s been our nation’s rallying cry ever
    since we won our independence from Canada in 1955. Yes, across this great
    land — from the shores of Arizona to the Great Pointy Mountains of Kansas
    — freedom has been guaranteed to all by way of the U.S. Constipation,
    signed by our forefathers George Jefferson, John Quincy Jones and Alexander
    Graham Bell. God Bless America.

  18. It’s a technology university. Ask them math questions.

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