The Definitive Guide To Kate Upton’s Multi-Faceted Modeling Skills

First, the Kate Upton with animals series.

1. “You’re sure he’s fake, right? Because my legs are kind of open.”

2. “You know I’d look better actually hula hooping.”

3. “Hurry because he’s either about to attack the cat toy on this purse or my head.”

4. “Can anyone fix my shoes?”

5. “I’m just a little afraid he’s going to crap on my white dress.”

6. “If we don’t wrap this soon I’m going to accidentally kick one of these cats.”

The Kate Upton with horses specifically series.

7. “Do you think he likes this as much as me?”

8. “They’re right — sometimes wearing full clothes is just the smart thing to do.”

And here’s one of Kate with a cow, because it seems to warrant its own category.

9. “Are you sure the farm doesn’t have interns to do this?”

The “serious fashion” Kate Upton series.

10. “So this must be what it feels like to work in an office.”

11. “I just know I’m going to look back on this and regret the stupid hat.”

12. “Totally not feeling this styling. *SMH*”

13. “Kinda wish I could replace this cancer stick with some Pocky. #MeiselProblems”

14. “Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I posed wearing pants.”

The contemplative Kate Upton series.

15. “She really shouldn’t have worn that.”

16. “Sometimes, I just feel nothing.”

17. “I’ve told you a million times — I hate that restaurant.”

The “oh crap, I just forgot something” Kate Upton series.

18. “Did I turn the coffee maker off?”

19. “Shit, I forgot to fill in my eyebrows this morning.”

The “kind of like every other girl except, well, not at all” series.

The “girl next door” thing, if you will.

20. “Is that a gun on my side? Thank god it’s not tattooed to my body.”

21. “Don’t these necklaces make Carrie’s nameplate ones look STUPID?”

22. “Are you sure you want the stool in the shot?”

23. “To be honest, when this modeling thing took off, I thought I’d get a nicer set of wheels.”

24. “Hiiiiii, don’t you want to help me with my bag?”

The hair in the face series.

25. “Leather doesn’t breathe and I am not amused by it.”

26. “I’m not going to try because I know you’re just going to trash me when this shoot is over.”


The “giddy in lingerie” series.

28. “YAY toplessness.”

29. “Her boobs are tickling my face!”

And the “forlorn in lingerie” series.

30. “And I don’t even like ballet flats.”

31. “I just don’t believe that this is swimwear.”

32. “Tights are not pants.”

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